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L4 Dual QC3.0 car usb charger quick charge Adapter LED Display Power Outlet with Voltmeter Switch Car Charger For Car

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Output interface: USB port * 2
Output current: ≤3000mA
Output voltage: ≤5 V
Fast charge agreement: QC3.0 version
Maximum power: 18 W
Voltage display range: 4-28V
Voltage error: ±0.1V
Current display range: no
Current error: ±0.1A
No-load power: 0.18W
Input voltage: 12-24V
Input current: ≤3A
Overcharge protection: prevent digital device overcharge
Overload protection: prevent insufficient load when charging high-power digital devices
Over-current protection: prevent instantaneous large current from burning digital devices
Over-temperature protection: automatic protection when the temperature is too high
Undervoltage protection: prevent digital devices voltage from being too low
Anti-installation protection: protect the positive and negative poles from wrong wiring
Short circuit protection: automatic protection in case of short circuit
Working environment: temperature: -40~+60 °C, humidity: ≤90%
Storage environment: temperature: -20~+40 °C, humidity: ≤90%
Material: shell: environmentally friendly flame retardant ABS, USB port: phosphor copper
Size: Maximum diameter 37.0mm/1.46", opening diameter 29-30mm/1.14-1.18", length 39.0mm/1.54"
Touch switch: touch the switch for 1-2 seconds to control the USB power on/off state
Shell color: Black/Red/Gold/Blue (Optional)
Light color: Blue (Black/Blue Shell), Red (Red Shell), Green (Gold Shell)

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